Do you enjoy a good challenge? Join us for the annual 'ButteAthlon'. The triathlon starts at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm and takes in the breathtaking views of Pioneer Peak, Knik Glacier, open farmlands and a complete panoramic of the Mat-Su Valley. There is nothing traditional about this triathlon as it includes a Run/Climb/Bike. Run from Pyrah's farm to the Butte for an exciting climb with astounding views at the top. Climbing begins on one side with a groomed stair-stepped trail to the top and descends the other boasting a more rugged terrain. Run back to the farm where the bike portion of the race begins with two turns around Bodenburg Loop for a finish at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm.


The ButteAthlon is a two-day event, one race on each
day of the Summer Festival.  We start first with the Farm Fun Run on the evening of July 17th (race starts at 7:00PM) which provides a great opportunity for everyone to tour the
farm in a 5k around the property.

The second race is the Pièce De Résistance-
the ButteAthlon Triathlon.  This race takes place on the morning of July 18th (race starts at 8:00AM). All participants start at the farm and run, climb, and bike their way to the finish line.

This is not your grandma's triathlon (no offense grandma) It is a bit unorthodox in it's structure for a triathlon, in that, it combines the Run/Climb/Bike format instead of including the typical swim leg. But we dare you to find a better race out there that gives you a better experience. Of course there are super awesome prizes for the winners and each participant gets a premium goodie bag.
Hurry and register-space is LIMITED!!

We are soooo excited to kick off our Summer Festival festivities with this exciting race!
You can register for the 2020 races at the link below:

Fun Run

Do you love the idea of a race but maybe a triathlon is a little out of reach for you this year? Don't sweat it (well, maybe just a tiny bit) because we have just the activity for you! Come join us at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm for a 5K Farm Fun Run (or walk, or stroll). Adventurers of all ages can enjoy this full scale tour of our farm while getting a little exercise too. We promise the views won't disappoint. A portion of the proceeds will fund educational scholarships for Mat-Su Valley graduating
High School Seniors.
*Come prepared for all weather conditions.* Children and all-terrain strollers are welcome; however, standard 'city slicker' strollers may have a hard time on farm terrain.